Mergers and acquisitions
Transfers within families
Disruptive technology
Strategic shifts
Intervention follow-up
Outsourcing business
Site closure
Industrial conflict
Industrial accident
“Ethical” conflict
Change in shareholders
Budget cuts
Regulatory changes
Due diligence
New senior management
Quality of life at work
Benchmark employer
Job restructuring plan (PSE)
Planned voluntary redundancies

When do we intervene?

Artélie’s solutions

To prevent a crisis

Artélie responds immediately to help businesses prevent an individual or industrial crisis: bullying, suicide, acute stress, critical overload of work, deteriorated working environment, alert from staff representative body, CHSCT appraisal risk, deterioration in quality of life at work, open conflict, counter-assessment etc.

To plan for an operation

IMG_1921An impact assessment on human and psychosocial risks is required before any significant organisational operation – with or without employee redundancies – whether this is a business divestment, merger, growth by acquisition, creation of new business, reorganisation, site closure or outsourcing operation.

It is also in the interests of the business to diagnose, from the start, the human issues inherent to the project: areas of instability, fear or misunderstanding; precautions to take; conditions required for trust.

Artélie oversees the audit, consulting, contribution to the report to/from the CHSCT and provides operational guidance.

To move the organisation forward

Businesses can contact Artélie even if concerned only about organisational progress:

  • A situation analysis (change of governance, new risks after business creation etc.),
  • Margins of manoeuvre (optimising the strategy, evolving the corporate culture),
  • An additional competitive advantage (CSR, quality of life at work, benchmark employer).

To ensure an intervention is updated or followed up

Artélie is called on to certify corrective or preventive measures implemented at the end of an audit, to assess the evolution of risks from one period to another, and to coordinate the updating of single risk assessment documents (DUER).