A rapidly consensual diagnosis

Atypical recommendations

As yet untapped resources

A report that can be used as evidence

Unexpected benefits

Artélie’s solutions

IMG_1913Artélie will, needless to say, fulfil your initial request: an initial analysis of the situation, a sound assessment of the risks, stress factors and opportunities, prioritised operational recommendations, including their practical implementation. But Artélie’s atypical approach also creates additional added value in most projects.

The diagnosis rapidly becomes consensual

The anonymous verbatims from the confidential interviews tell us a great deal. The words of your employees or colleagues give the analyses considerable weight, which encourages stakeholder consensus on the diagnosis.

Our recommendations cover governance and operational activity

Most of the time, Artélie’s recommendations go beyond “psychosocial” aspects. Nor are they limited to human resources. They are equally aimed at aspects such as operational activity, the business model, governance, organisation, communication, management and company culture.
Artélie considers it its duty to draw the company’s attention, an appropriate manner, to sensitive issues that emerge owing to an audit, but which are not strictly speaking within the audit framework.

Our recommendations highlight as yet untapped resources

Artélie’s investigations usually highlight untapped resources, that is, under-utilised abilities or unknown skills.

Artélie’s report can be produced in disputes

The audit methodology developed by Artélie, unique in its field, can be produced as evidence in disputes.