Employers must anticipate the human pressures triggered by reorganisations

The performance obligation

IMG_1915The second major legal development in recent years follows on from the first: employers must demonstrate that all measures are taken to prevent a reorganisation from compromising employees’ mental health

Is this is not the case, because they do not provide quantitative information, such as on transfers of responsibility, this reorganisation could be suspended.

The CHSCT then becomes a key partner in any reorganisation, since it is systematically consulted concerning every major project affecting safety, health, or working conditions. It is also easier for it to use the skills of an expert as part of an official CHSCT appraisal.

They must systematically incorporate psychosocial risks (RPS), identify them, “map” them and propose appropriate preventive measures.

Employers are required to assess all of the risks before any major decision, particularly regarding change management.

They have the possibility of doing this with their teams, using the same expert as that of the CHSCT, or using their own expert as part of an RPS diagnosis.